Such a Cool Reflection - created by Devonian

Such a Cool Reflection
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Samarinvagen, Spitzbergen. (5 years and 1321 days ago)

As the Eagle Flies... - created by Devonian

As the Eagle Flies...
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The Grand Canyon, of course, but from a Cessna. It never disappoints the photographer, and here is a study in blues and purples. (5 years and 1354 days ago)

You Want Ice With That? - created by Devonian

You Want Ice With That?
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Ice calving from the snout of the Monacobreen glacier in Svalbard. (5 years and 1321 days ago)

Thereby hangs a Tail.... - created by Devonian

Thereby hangs a Tail....
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Humpback whale plunging between the ice floes in the Arctic Ocean, accompanied by the ever present gulls. (5 years and 1321 days ago)

Fire in the Sky - created by Devonian

Fire in the Sky
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Sunset over the Grand Canyon (5 years and 1284 days ago)

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