Moms Are Universal - created by mgjr73

Moms Are Universal
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Even fearsome dragons have something in common with mothers. Charcoal and pencil drawing. (5 years and 2275 days ago)

Sky Surfing Extreme - created by mgjr73

Sky Surfing Extreme
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How's this for an extreme adventure? I used combination of pencil, charcoal and fine point felt tip marker. (5 years and 2303 days ago)

Audio Evolution Totem - created by mgjr73

Audio Evolution Totem
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Line drawing featuring the evolution of audio formats, starting with vinyl, then the 8-track, cassette tape, CD and finally the MP3 player. (5 years and 2288 days ago)

Literally - created by mgjr73

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I got the idea from the contest description. This is also my very first digital drawing. I could've simply used the type tool but I opted to do freehand lettering to create my "light" brush and "dark" mask. (5 years and 2043 days ago)

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Dawn Of Man - created by mgjr73

Dawn Of Man
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Wow. This was fun, a thirty minute drawing of a web based drawing tool that I've never used, using only my laptop touch pad. I just played with the fur brush and that's how I came up with Mr. Caveman and went from there. (5 years and 2279 days ago)

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