the call of our mother - created by CHiZAKI RA

the call of our mother
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this dream happened after chinese new year. In a peaceful night where the chinoys are having fun, a gunshot killed one of them. I went outside then look for the victim but a policeman locked me up. Before that happens, I look above for hope but I startled when I saw the Earth suffering from disasters and pollutions. They locked me up then I woke up. From then, I asked to myself..."Am I the chosen one?" (5 years and 959 days ago)

ART in my THUMB - created by CHiZAKI RA

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this art is created by my own hands or to be specific, my fingers. I made this picture to salute my ridges in my fingerprints. (5 years and 952 days ago)

cRaZY 2O13 - created by CHiZAKI RA

cRaZY 2O13
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yes, this is the year of the snake but I want to change the fate of those who are lucky because of this snake sign....
I use only 8 colors of colored pencil so I chose the number 8. (5 years and 842 days ago)

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