Emerald Cut - created by ricky777

Emerald Cut
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(5 years and 2402 days ago)

Red Glass Castle - created by ricky777

Red Glass Castle
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i haven't touch 3ds max in 3 years so my modeling sucks...again. i even forgot how to put a material in a model O.o

I'll try to relearn 3ds so i can participate in this contest. (5 years and 2403 days ago)

70's wig for sale! - created by ricky777

70s wig for sale!
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Mace Head - created by ricky777

Mace Head
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On the icy mountain of the arctic, live a demi god of dwarf origin, unbeaten in battle, all powerful and fearless. No one dares to challenge him in battle so he devoted most of his time crafting a magical crystal mace that would give great power to those who will wield it...unfortunately he died of severe dehydration from diarrhea so he didn't get to make the mace handle ;) (5 years and 2401 days ago)

Ruby Oval Brilliant Cut - created by ricky777

Ruby Oval Brilliant Cut
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