An Indian Slum - created by animany0000

An Indian Slum
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I tried to make a typical Indian slum.....made in maya rendered with mental ray.....all the textures used were either from my textures library or were made in photoshop...... (5 years and 2135 days ago)

Hey!!Its Christmas - created by animany0000

Hey!!Its Christmas
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as it is Christmas i wanted to make something related to it......made in maya 2009 and rendered in mantal ray.......the textures were made in photoshop cs3 and some textures are from my textures library.....,,,, thanks to for the photo used in photoframe.. (5 years and 2121 days ago)

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its an E-BIN - created by animany0000

its an E-BIN
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its an e-bin...the black lens type on its head is its scanning machine through which it distinguish b\w organic waste and inorganic waste....the red bright color is its light through which it works where there is no light....the fan rotating in its stomach is used to recycle waste and the bottom part is to take out the recycled can run, it can fly, it can even works in no light ares......made in maya 2009 rendered with mental external sources used just the default materials and textures were from textures library......wish u like it..........please see high resolution before voting... (5 years and 2107 days ago)

Puyol - created by animany0000

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A great defender ...Spanish national player Carles Puyol....and also the captain of barcelona fc....he is a legend i think (5 years and 2031 days ago)

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