Merry Christmas! - created by JustinRSA

Merry Christmas!
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Take a look at the hi-res and see if there is a gift for you! (5 years and 2106 days ago)

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ECOnomy - Working "Greener" - created by JustinRSA

ECOnomy - Working "Greener"
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This is my first entry to a competition on this site. I hope you enjoy!

This is my concept building of the future. It incorporates many "green" features including maximizing the amount of windows on the outer skin so an to let as much sunlight in as possible. These glass panes also are sprayed with a UV receiver coating which allows them to generate solar energy to power the internal LED lighting at night.

Some of the glass panels also open automatically when the temperature inside the dome gets too high and as they are in a 360 degree radius and there are no internal walls, it allows for natural breeze to flow through the entire structure.

In the centre of the dome is an island, which is a relaxing spot for employees to take a break. It sits in a pool of water that is as deep as the dome is high. This functions as a water tank for collected rain water that flows into the receiver drains located around the base rim of the structure. This water is then used for toilets and showers etc, and is also sprayed into the air as a fine mist over the entire dome on hot days to cool down the ambient temperature inside.

A totally green, sustainable building that has almost 0% external energy requirements.

There is no parking structure and employees are required to walk, bike or take public transportation to get to work.

This realization of the building was made entirely in Cinema 4D with a few tweaks to color adjustment in Photoshop.

Your comments are much appreciated! I am still a beginner in the 3D world and would love some feedback. (5 years and 2216 days ago)

Disco Light Fantastic! - created by JustinRSA

Disco Light Fantastic!
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(5 years and 2120 days ago)

Teach me to fly! - created by JustinRSA

Teach me to fly!
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My entry to the Butterfly competition. Created in Cinema 4D (5 years and 2122 days ago)

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Flurry of Frogs - created by JustinRSA

Flurry of Frogs
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Origami Frogs scattered around in RGB slightly glossy card. These are great to play with in real life as they jump around. Enjoy! (5 years and 2129 days ago)

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