Bucket of Bolts - created by CoyDog

Bucket of Bolts
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A Steam Engine Motor bike (5 years and 1152 days ago)

First SLR - created by CoyDog

First SLR
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The very first SLR I owned was a Canon Ftb. Seems appropriate that it should also be my first SLR camera model. (5 years and 1493 days ago)

Southern Style - created by CoyDog

Southern Style
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New Orleans Jazz. Banjo (5 years and 1590 days ago)

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Time in Darkwood - created by CoyDog

Time in Darkwood
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A dark marble Hourglass with out time in middle of a dark forest. (5 years and 1584 days ago)

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Hidden Valve - created by CoyDog

Hidden Valve
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a hidden faucet by the wall.. (5 years and 1604 days ago)

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