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Boat Beach - created by genuine2009

Boat Beach
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(5 years and 2479 days ago)

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avatar Mad
Mad says:

Hope the SBS is on it's way...? Would prefer to vote after seeing that.

avatar Toothpick134

The lighting is just fab on the boat and makes it look so realistic! Looks like something from Pirates of the Caribbean! Only thing is IMHO, that shadow under the boat is too strong and maybe could be a bit more transparent.. But hey that's just my opinion. GL! Still instant fav from me

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

This is quite FAB

avatar farsite
farsite says:

The wood looks great, but whats going on with the things where the oars go, the chrome looks awful imo.

avatar Mad
Mad says:

Agree with Toothpick about shadow and I also think you should have a reflection of the canoe in the water. The chrome too does look just a little bit too shiny in hi res.

avatar Brunheroti

nice job very good

author says:

i take it your advice guys......thx!...or just some parts from your advice!

avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

I doubt there's chrome on the old rowboat.
More likely it's iron...Which would look weathered...

avatar erathion
erathion says:

Fantastic entry author...i don't know that much about 3d but this is one amazing and very effective creation...Love how u managed to merge all elements in one great realistic image...Well done author and i wish u best of luck

author says:

RE: more realistic attempt!!!!

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Very realistic and cool...author!

avatar MnMCarta
MnMCarta says:

Very nice!!!

avatar Warlock
Warlock [banned] says:

It’s a nice image, textures and composition are great but the shadows are personally a little wrong, if you refer back to your background this what I see…..light source has been changed to midday sun 12 -1 o-clock/the now more visible patch of shadow in the background is from right to left not like the shadows on the boat which are the left to right, so the front face of the boat should have more of a graduated shadow like at the back end. But still a very cool scene and a shame the S.B.S don’t show the work put in to achieve the end result.

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

Agree about the few details like reflection, it's a bit flat on the left side, but the two woods and construction are very nice. I like that you included oars, they're beautiful (though the ends look a bit large to grip), reminds me of my sculling days.

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

congrats for 1st

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your first place, Genuine!

avatar madamemonty

Congrats, really nice work

avatar farsite
farsite says:

Congratulations - That was a close one!!

author says:

thank you all....for your comm....fav and congratulations!!!

avatar Chuck
Chuck says:

Nice Job Congrats on 1st Place

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